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Google Ads Agency Dubai is owned and operated by Soharon located in the heart of Dubai. We immensely focus on Google Ads previously known as Google Adwords to drive the potential customer to your website with our Google ads services. We help our clients run various kinds of ads including search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, shopping ads and more to bring websites to the top of the Google results. 

Why we are the best in UAE?

Google Ads Agency Dubai provides an excellent and positive ROI for all the clients we work with. Providing the right solution for the business makes us one of the best digital marketing and Google ads management companies in UAE. 

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Increase business with the best Google Adwords company in Dubai

We stands as a premier Google AdWords company in Dubai that is recognized as one of the effective platforms for paid promotion amount the digital marketing to empower many small businesses and enterprises to run accurate and precise ads across Google’s extensive partner networks with the web and apps. We run Google ads for our client to reach the target audience and get more leads and conversions for their business.

Google AdWords works on the pay-per-click model which means for each target keyword company pays for Google to bring traffic related to their product or services. In UAE, most of the users search for products and services on Google, especially in Dubai. We uses the ad copy keywords curated with the Google ads specialist by using extensive keyword researching tools like Google Keywords planner, semrush and Ubersuggest to get the best-performing keyword then we heavily research to write the headline and description for the Google ads copy. We support our clients in utilizing extensive ad types like search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, shopping ads, Gmail ads and Google remarketing. Your result for paid promotion is guaranteed with one of the best Google ads Agency Dubai to to bring you the result as we regularly monitor and improve the campaign.  

Our Google Ads Services

Google Search Ads

Search Ad

Search ads are displayed on Google search results when people search for specific keywords. We created the ad copy focused on the keywords based on the product or services to show the ads to the audience. With Google search ads, results are shown at the top based on the bid value we set.

Google Display Ads

Display Ad

Display ads show the creative banners and posters on the Google partner networks over different websites and apps. To run the display ads our expert marketer helps to decide the creative illustration or videos to reach the target audience. Google display ads work well for spreading awareness to make sure the ads are remembered with products or services to engage users.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ad

Shopping ads are best for the e-commerce business that wants to sell products by promoting them with Google. Shopping ads show your product with visual pictures, name, price and more information when users search in Google. Google shopping ads allow companies to list it simply for Google at the top result, making it easy to decide and purchase the products.

Google Performance Max Ads

Performance Max Ad

Performance Max Ad allows companies to set the campaigns with the help of Google's machine learning algorithm. We set up the campaign to perform at maximum with limited budget to make sure our clients ads will perform better same time reaching the right audience with numerous ad types with the help of Google algorithm itself.

Google GMP Ad


With Google My Business ad type client can reach their local audience to offer their product or services. We help many companies who want to promote their local business by showing the Google My Business account for the SERP to ensure it will reach the right people to make them visit the store.

Google Smart Campaign

Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns in Google ads help businesses promote their services and products with the help of AI by setting up the budget, location and keyword theme. So Google will determine the right audience and refine the campaign gradually to perform best based on the advertiser preference.

Effective strategy followed by Google Ads Agency in Dubai

Our company’s Google Ads techniques follow unique ways that will guarantee results for businesses who want to succeed in their field. Our campaign setup started with strong planning from the keyword research until the execution of the ad campaign. 

We as a Google Ads Agency in Dubai list a few of the core values we follow while setting up a Google Ads campaign.

How to Choose Best Google Ads Agency Dubai?

Before you choose the best agency to run your Google ads campaign keep a few points in your mind to make your ads impact positively on your ROI.

What are the advertising goals guaranteed by the agency? 
Whether they understand your product and services?
Did they have a local geography understanding of UAE and Dubai? 
Did they have developers to design the creative landing page for ads? 
What is their way of writing ad copy and content for pages? 

We as a Google Ads Agency in Dubai know the geography of the UAE and have creative developers to create an effective landing page. Our content writer will create effective ad copy with detailed keyword research to bring you the results.

google adwords company in dubai
google ads agency in dubai

The benefit of Doing Google Ads

Google Ads formerly known as Google Adwords is a powerful marketing advertising platform that offers various benefits for businesses who looking to promote their services or products to their audience anywhere in the world, so choosing the best Google Ads agency Dubai plays a major role in getting more benefits.

Google Ads allows you to target specific demographics, locations, devices and keywords. This level of targeting ensures that your ads reach the right audience which results in the conversion of website traffic into potential clients. 

In Google ads, we can control the budget and spend daily and lifetime for a campaign. Google ads model works on cost per click which allows you to pay only for clicks PPC which is cost effective for all the business.

With Google tools like analytics and tag manager, we as a Google Ads Agency in Dubai can get detailed insights for the Google ads to track the performance of the campaign to measure the clicks, impressions, conversion and other valuable metrics to make the ads effective and perform best. 

Google ads can show your ads immediately in the Google search results once the campaign is approved. It allows you to reach the right audience to showcase your services or products and make them visit your website which brings you quick results over other ad platforms.

You can optimize the Google ads and its ad types like search ads, calling ads, display ads and other types of ads in real-time and manage the campaign to optimize it for the best performance. You can make the changes real quick with the Google ads platform.  

Google Ads can increase your brand visibility and exposure by placing your ads in front of people actively searching for products or services related to your business. This makes your brand visibility higher among your potential customers. 

Google ads allow companies to run ads with Google My Business which allows them to show the ad at the search result to bring the potential customer to visit the store and this ad type is good for onsite store visits.

Google Ads offers remarketing options, allowing you to re-engage users who have previously visited your website but did not make a purchase. This can be a powerful strategy to encourage return visits and conversions.

Running Google Ads can give you a competitive advantage, especially if your competitors are not utilizing this platform. It allows you to appear at the top of search results and reach potential customers before they see organic search results.

Increasing traffic to the website means a lot of people know about your products and services which is essential for converting the visitors into the actual buyer. With Google ads, you can increase the traffic into multiple folds. 

Google ads are very effective in generating leads for the business that eventually help to grow the business as well. Compared to other platforms Google ads perform well in engaging the potential audience at the right time and in accurate geography. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the first steps for Google ads setup that comprises of finding the right keywords and search terms which is used by the potential client to search for your product or services to rank top in the Google SERP.


Audience Research

To ensure your ads reach the right people, we as a Google Ads Agency in Dubai invest our time to get the target geographies, interest or behavior of your audience, budget and key values. This helps us to reach your potential clients who likely engage or purchase through the ads. 


Landing Page

An effective landing page is a must for providing complete details about the service or product to convert the landing user into the client. ROI for the ads is based on the landing page so we consider this as one of the crucial steps for running a successful campaign. 


Ad Account Setup

Our expert will ensure your ad account setup is effective for maximum efficiency to bring the expected result. We follow multiple parameters like bidding amount, ad types, ad extension and creative for display ads to make the ads perform well.


Setting Geography

Geography is one of the vital parameters for setting up Google ads. Based on the client’s requirement we will set up the ads to be run locally to reach local markets or internationally to maximize the reach of products or services of our client.


Choose the right Ad type

Google offers numerous types of advertisements like search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, shopping ads and other numerous ad types. We carefully select the ad types based on our client’s objective to maximize the performance of the ads. 



We as a Google Ads Agency in Dubai help our clients in assisting to set up the right budget for the campaign. Our strategy guarantees that the spending amount is optimized to maximize the ROI. We monitor the bidding closely and adjust the bidding if required to maximize efficiency. 


Tracking with Analytics

Tracking is one of the important factors to visualize between the spending and return on investment. Our data-driven approach to monitoring and tracking the ads makes us to enhance the ad performance based on the user interaction on the ads.


Lead and Conversion

Our Google ads strategy is focused on conversion and we incorporate various steps to make the engaged user into the potential client that matters most in the business by form entries, phone calls or e-commerce transactions. 


Google Ads Agency Dubai - Help You to Get More Leads

Google ads are utilized by many businesses around the world with a variety of ad types on Google search results so choosing the right Google Ads agency Dubai is an important factor in bringing the results. We help many small business to reach their potential audience by using the Google ads campaign to make them visit the website which leads to the conversion of visitors into buyers. 

We one of the Google ads agency in Dubai helps many companies in the UAE especially Dubai to run the precise Google ads campaign to their target audience and meet their objective. We work with more than 100 clients to meet their objective of making a positive ROI with our strategic research and organized campaign. 

Google Ads display in smartphone
Google Ads display in mobile

Why run a Google Ads campaign in UAE with us?

Based on our analysis, we as a Google Ads Agency in Dubai have come across many interesting factors to prove that Google ads are effective in UAE with one of the best Google ads agency Dubai. Here are a few reasons:

Around 78% of people looking for products or services in UAE with a search on Google. Millions of commercial intent keywords are searched daily in Dubai.
Many transactions in Dubai are online, so huge chance of selling the products online. People in UAE trust a company that has a website, so increased traffic for your website to build trust.
Everyday business gets calls from websites and directories which means running a Google calling or relevant ads will be much more effective. 

Our Google Ads Management Process

The process of managing the Google ads campaign involves various steps to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. We are one of the renovated Google ads agency Dubai follow various steps and a general outline of our Google ads management process as follows.


We as a Google Adwords agency in Dubai start with a brainstorming session with the client to clearly understand the objectives of doing Google ads whether it’s website traffic, generating leads, increasing sales or creating brand awareness with well-defined goals for the entire campaign.

Keyword Research

In our keyword research process, we use Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, semrush and other tools to get the best-performing keywords that stand out among the competitors in the market to reach the target audience for their search queries.

Campaign Setup

We as a Google Ads Agency in Dubai set up the campaign based on the advertising goals. We focus on creating organized ads under each ad group related to the specific services or products and make sure each campaign will perform well by continuously monitoring and applying recommendations based on Google suggestions.

Ad Creation

Creating effective ad copy for each ad under the ad group is one of the important tasks. We as a Google Adwords agency in Dubai must include the best-performing keywords that are relevant to the target audience. We utilize the ad extensions to provide additional information to the users.

Budget and Bidding Strategy

We set campaigns with either a daily budget, monthly or lifetime budget for a specific time for each campaign. Choosing the right budding strategy that aligns with the objective or goals of the campaign allows us to choose whether we can go with maximize clicks, conversion or performance max.

Audience Targeting

Define your target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Utilize audience targeting options to reach specific groups of people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services.

Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling allows us to schedule your campaign to display the ads at the right time to the target audience. It allows us to gain control over where to show ads at what time which makes the campaign more effective to reach the audience to perform well.

Tracking and Conversion Setup

We as a Google Adwords agency in Dubai implement conversion tracking on the landing page which allows us to monitor the performance of the campaign. Setting up the conversion actions such as form submission, purchase, add to cart, call button click or contact page click allows us to evaluate the ad's performance which is crucial for improving the ads.

Monitoring and Optimization

We monitor the performance of the ad daily. We analyze the key metrics like click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate and cost per click allowing us to identify the best-performing keywords, ads or target settings to make amendments if necessary.

A/B Testing

Running multiple ads using A/B testing allows us to compare the different ad variations to determine which ad performs well for the success of the entire campaign. Testing headlines, ad copy and keywords allow us to improve the performance continually.

Bid Adjustments

Adjusting the bidding plays a major role in controlling the cost of the campaign. Increasing the bids for keywords or audiences that drive positive results and reducing the bidding for less performance ads will save the spending and improve the performance as well.

Bid Adjustments

Adjusting the bidding plays a major role in controlling the cost of the campaign. Increasing the bids for keywords or audiences that drive positive results and reducing the bidding for less performance ads will save the spending and improve the performance as well.

Regular Reporting

Providing regular reports about the campaign to the stakeholders helps us to understand the permanence of the key metrics and insights. We will gradually improve the ad performance based on the feedback from the client.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

We keep updated and learn ourselves for industry trends, Google ads updates and changes in customer behavior to adapt the strategies based on the new insights and opportunities. We make changes to the campaign based on the trends to keep improving the ad performance.

Our process to rank the top among your competitors

In Dubai, we use a result-driven approach to run the Google ads campaign to achieve the best result. Our strategy is a pre-planned, data-driven and ROI-based campaign set up to make sure our client offering reaches the right audience. 


To run an effective Google AdWords company in Dubai we should have a strategy properly that is followed by Google Ads agency Dubai. Our ads setup starts with setting up the clear goal to increase the website traffic, generate leads, boost sales and enhance the brand visibility. We begin with the effecting effecting keyword research to find the right terms for the campaign along with monitoring and maintaining the campaign to make it more effective.


Our setup process begins with creating the ad account, adding the right budget, updating the keywords accurate to the client services or product, setting the bidding strategy and adding the ad creatives for the display ads. We as a Google Adwords agency in Dubai will pay attention to small details to make sure the campaign runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team of experts will track and monitor the ads from day one.


Effective audience targeting is one of the core processes of managing our Google ads campaign. We consider a lot of factors such as demographics, interest, age and behavior. Our aim for running the ads is to ensure that they will be seen by the most relevant customers. To maximize the performance of the ads we use tag manager to understand the performance of the ads and refine it to make it more effective.


Reaching the right customer at the right time paves the way for the business to convert the visitor into a potential customer. We as a Google Adwords agency in Dubai take advantage of various Google ad types like search ads type to show the ads when users search using the targeted keywords, display ads that build brand awareness and other formats like shopping ads to ensure that the right product or service is presented to the right people.

Case Studies

We work with top brands around UAE especially in Dubai to drive traffic to their website, lead to business and achieve their marketing goal. Our Google Ads strategy mainly focuses on reaching the target audience to showcase the product or services at the right time.

Fixit background
Fixit Technical Services

Fixit Technical Service provide technical services all around the Dubai achieved a 30+ increase in calling inquiries with more customer engagement on the website.










Fix IT logo
aim high logo background
Aim High Immigration

Aim High provide consultation and support for Schengen Visa and tourist permits, which received a 130+ increase in the form submission with an increased conversion rate.










aim high logo
Dar al takka bg
Dar Al Taqa

Dar Al Taqa provides high-quality wood imported from Russia and saw a 30+ increase in the conversion rate with reduced CPC value.










Dar al takka logo
alaseel bg
Al Aseel Pest Control

Al Aseel Pest Control serves the resident of Dubai for cleaning and pest control saw a 110+ increase in the form submission with increased conversion rate.










alaseel logo
we nspyr

We NSPYR providing event management and staffing services across the UAE saw an increased calling rate with 45% increased conversion. 










Kitchenscape bg

Kitchenscape is a interior and kitchen design specialist across Dubai saw a increased website traffic and calling through the CTA buttons in website.










Kitchenscape logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Google offers various kinds of advertisement services and we suggest the best-performing ads for business based on the services or product.

Search Ads: It will show the result in the Google search result when the user searches for a specific term that shows numerous results and search ads will show at the top among them.

Display Ads: Google shows the Display ads in the form of visuals like images, graphics and text in the Google display network.

Video Ads: Ads that will appear on the Youtube and Google partner websites in the form of videos and links redirect to the landing page in skippable or non-skippable form.

Shopping Ads: These ads appear in Google search results in the form of showcasing the product images, names and prices and it is commonly used by the e-commerce business. 

App Promotion Ads: App promotion ads help to promote mobile apps, these ads appear on various Google platforms, including the Google Play Store, YouTube and other apps.

Responsive Search Ads: These ads automatically adjust their size, appearance and format to fit available ad spaces. Advertisers provide multiple headlines and descriptions, and Google’s algorithm optimizes the combinations based on performance.

Smart Campaigns: Aimed at small businesses, these campaigns are designed to simplify the advertising process by automating ad creation and targeting.

Discovery Ads: These ads appear on Google Discover, YouTube Home and Gmail Promotions. They include a mix of images and text and are intended to reach users as they browse.

Call-Only Ads: These ads are designed specifically for mobile devices and encourage users to call the business directly from their search results.

Local Ads: These ads appear on Google Maps and help businesses promote their products or services to local users.

As a Google AdWords company in Dubai, we analyze multiple factors such as industry, type of product or service offering, target audience, geography and budget for the paid promotion with Google. For most businesses, search ads and call-only ads work well when the user searches for a specific keyword that is related to your product or services. 

Along with those ads, display ads and shopping ads are effective for creating brand awareness and selling products by showcasing them in Google search results which are recommended by the result-driven Google Ads agency Dubai. Our experts at Soharon, carefully analyze your business and create an effective campaign that brings results.

Return on Investment (ROI) with Google Ads is completely based on factors like budget, organized campaign structure, keywords that are related to the service or product and landing page. It’s crucial to conduct effective research on keywords which is highly relevant to the ads campaign and continually monitor the campaign to achieve better ROI.

To achieve effective ROI we need to monitor closely with tracking using tag manager and Google Analytics. To show the positive impact of ROI requires a well-structured and data-driven approach to ensure the revenue generated from the ads spend cost surpasses the cost associated with running the ads which is easily achievable with the best Google Ads agency Dubai.

The best way to run Google ads is to hire a company with an expert in Google ads who can able to create a proper strategy with clear objectives for the ad’s work to bring results. We are Google AdWords experts and one of the best Google ads agency Dubai who can write effective ad copy with well-researched keywords, titles and meta descriptions to feed into the Google ad account. We create a landing page with all the core information about the services or product to ensure it will reach the relevant customer to focus on more click-through rates and conversion. 

We as a Google Ads Agency in Dubai regularly update the ad copy, keywords and bid strategies based on the trends to make sure the ad will perform well based on the best practices to ensure the campaign will be successful and effective. 

Google has a variety of platforms to show different types of ads along with their Google partner network business can reach potential audiences anywhere in the world. So businesses who are willing to grow can use Google ads as an effective tool to reach their niche audience.

With a lot of resources and available tools, you can research your audience and geography and then able to run effective Google ads that will bring results and traffic to the website which leads to conversion.

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