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Are you looking towards making google Ads? Don’t take a step without knowing the pros and cons of Google Ads. Because developing your business through Google Platform is not a simple process. Need to get some basic knowledge before we dive into the Google Ads and whether it is worth for your business or not.

Below we give some of the pros and cons of Google Ads,


Cost Per Click

Paying for each click is the main and best benefit of cost per click (CPC). This payment method is really beneficial, particularly for small scale companies. When someone views your advertisement, many other advertising networks, such as Facebook, commonly charge. You just have to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement and visits your landing page when using CPC payments.

Quick Results

The capacity of Google AdWords to produce immediate results is the best benefit to be aware of. The reason this is important because it can take months or even years to launch many other traffic-generating methods at size, such as social networking, blogging, and content production.

Due to the application of Google’s architecture, Google Ads may produce results instantly. You see advertisements at the top and side of your screen when you conduct a Google search. Because they are frequently and highly relevant to your search, they attract visitors and bring them to your website, where you may increase sales, gain subscribers, or generate leads.

Possibility for Large ROI

A smart marketer expected to be able to double their Return On Investment(ROI) while using Google AdWords.  Google makes it easy to view the number of clicks you receive for each dollar(AED) you spend. In terms of return on advertising expense, Google Ads beats other traffic generation methods, as seen by our research, which indicates that the average ROI with Google Ads is between 4 times and 5 times higher, while most advertisers expect 2 times higher in their first year.

Analyze Outcomes

You have the most unmatched capacity to track your outcomes with Google Ads. You may use the dashboard to track the performance of your advertising after every advertising effort. You’ll be able to observe which keywords are producing the greatest results, the peak click-through rates throughout the day, and the top-converting unique advertisements, etc.

Ability to Remarket

Just note down your ideas and marketing plans.

You may display your advertising to individuals who have been to your website but did not take any action to buy your products by using Google AdWords. Remarketing is the term for this method, which is a wonderful approach to remind customers of all the goods and services they left behind and are now ready to provide again.

Remarketing advertisements are effective when utilised properly, but it’s not always the best choice to start with them.

Capacity for Experimental Use and Test

With Google Ads, you can quickly test what works and what doesn’t in just a couple of days or weeks. The second benefit of utilising Google AdWords is the opportunity to test quickly.

For example, consider having a two platforms, but they can’t gain the same outcomes, each one using advertisements will produce unique results. For example, you may consider launching an ad campaign one month for a certain set of service-based keywords, and then the next month you could try launching advertisements for a different service. These two trials will provide results that vary even with the same audience since, probably, different people choose to purchase various services. With Google Ads, split testing tools like Google Optimise are simple to use and you can quickly determine what works through testing. You might be able to avoid months or years of trial and error all at once with this.

Searchers with a High Intent

Because of the users’ intentions, Google is an effective machine for advertising. Google searchers are actively seeking for a solution, in contrast to users on most social networking platforms. Consider yourself as a customer. Most likely, you are actually trying to find out how much Google advertisements are cost-effective for your company and came on our site via a search engine. You will next need to decide if you want to put it up yourself or if you want to deal with a marketing company if you think that Google Ads are profitable. This is also happening to your customers.

Adaptable Advertising Budgets

Basically Google Ads allow you to set a maximum budget and offer adjustable budgets, they are worth the investment.

Google Ads eliminates the need for a significant advertising expense, that’s why a lot of users adore with Google Ads, which was necessary in the days of mass media advertising. Because Google advertising is pay-per-click, all you have to do is set a spending limit, and the system will stop displaying your advertising automatically when that limit is reached. For example, if your daily budget is 100 Dollars(AED), your advertisement won’t appear if it doesn’t generate clicks for at least 100 Dollars. Your advertisement will only run until it generates enough conversions to reach 100 Dollars per day if it is receiving a lot of attention but no sales anymore. In this manner, start-up businesses may still get fame without the need to wait years to turn a profit.

Broad Global Reach

You may limit your advertising to certain regions, cities, or nations using Google AdWords, giving you a globally varied reach. It enables you to achieve that if you just want your advertisement to appear in Dubai and somewhere else. This allows businesses in local cities or smaller marketplaces to reach the audiences that are important to them.

Specialised Advertising

The money-saving benefit of Google AdWords is the capacity to reach new or exactly target groups.

Few years ago in the past generation, focusing on your advertising was almost difficult. To distribute flyers, you might be able to select a neighbor-hood, radio programme, or television channel. Targeting options for Google Ads and other PPC advertising platforms include region, interests, keywords, age, device type, time of day, and an extensive range of other factors.

By focusing just on those who are interested in your goods or services, hyper-targeted advertisements help you avoid expenses.


Outcomes of Emotion

The emotional response to Google Ads is a main drawback that might not be worth it.

Human feeling is another drawback of Google advertising. When the cost of advertising starts to show, many business owners quit because they are unsure if it is the correct move for them. Before you launch your advertising effort, be sure you don’t go too far.

This is an unsafe approach since it might severely restrict your business possibilities and ruin the time, money, and resources you invested in setting up your advertising efforts. Make sure you are satisfied with the statistics and have a complete understanding of the initial costs before beginning to engage with an advertising agency.

Do Nothing by Yourself

The landing pages and website layout are ultimately responsible for influencing viewers to make a purchase. Buyers will not purchase anything from you if they think your website is difficult to navigate, unreliable, or unclear.

But there is still possible to have a flawlessly developed advertising account just have no sales. Before you start running your advertising, it’s important to understand how to establish the entire marketing system. This is where most companies become caught.

You should find this to be a huge amount of effort, you might want to take a research about marketing companies that will help you in establishing a full advertising campaign.

Specific Configurations

Google AdWords are valuable because of the extensive options that let your adverts run globally, much like an airline control panel.

For anyone without any prior PPC expertise, Google AdWords might be quite challenging. You may select to have any one of the hundreds of options on, off, or in between. Although these options are essential for optimisation, it might be confusing if you don’t know what they all mean. Certain options, such as conversion tracking, can be highly challenging to set up and, if done incorrectly, might add the data and advertisements in your account completely useless.

Huge Potential CPC

High cost per click (CPC) in highly competitive industries might make it hard to profit from clicks, especially if your organisation doesn’t have a substantial investment in advertising.

After that, a lot of sectors may explain their high cost per click by offering a high-priced good or service. Think about the educational sector. Spending more than 150 dollars for each click would make it reasonable for a student planning to spend $50,000 or more on education expenses annually.

You won’t likely be affected by this, though. For most services businesses, the average cost per click will be a maximum 3 to 5 Dollars.

Purchasing Data

Even though Google advertising may turn a profit very fast in the first few months of being active, with a year or more of continuous optimisation and testing, they can do a lot more.

In the first stages of your marketing effort, you are basically purchasing the data needed to properly optimise the account. What will allow you to create a 3 to 15 times Return on Investment is the data you buy early.

Time Consuming

Even for experienced users, Google AdWords can take a lot of time, just like anything that generates results. If this becomes an issue for you, it would be a good idea to assign a specific employee to manage every part of digital marketing. The cost of working with an advertising agency is often lower.

Are Google Ads Beneficial?

You could now question, “Are Google Ads Worth It?” to the Google Ads Agency Dubai specialists. If you know how to use them properly and are well informed, we think the answer is yes. Our team always there to help you in every situation. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us for developing your business through Google Ads with Soharon.

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